The Triumph of Science

a poem by Richard Owen (1804 – 1892), excerpted from The Shamba Raiders, by Bruce Kinloch

Sam Scroggins was a naturalist and hunter from the nursery;

His maths were poor; his Latin weak; his grammar-studies cursory.

At three he was a graduate of field and forest lore

And broke his father’s windows with a catapult at four;

Could ride and shoot, – just sign his name, and loved a spice of danger;

Equipped in fact by Nature for the duties of a Ranger.

So when he grew to manhood and they offered him a billet

As a Ranger in Uganda, he was very glad to fill it. Continue reading “The Triumph of Science”

Tree Care

This weekend I spent some time looking after a 100+ year-old Prunus armeniaca var. Blenheim that still bears fantastic tasty fruit every year. Here is my first attempt at air layering:

I can’t wait to plant more baby apricot trees. I hope it will work without rooting hormone.