Kidepo in the 90’s

The Daily Telegraph ran a series of letters from readers about remote vacation destinations. Among them was this report about Kidepo:

Cut off from the familiar in a Ugandan national park

Kidepo Valley National Park, in north east Uganda, is where I headed with my family in 1992. We were lucky enough to spend four nights there, in rugged savannah country dominated by Mount Morungole and studded with rocky outcrops.
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Poisoning the Horns

The South African wildlife reserve Sabi Sand just announced that they are implementing a clever new approach to protecting their engangered rhino. They are injecting a poison into the horns of 100 rhino on their reserve. This doesn’t harm the animal but should reduce the demand for the horn, much of which is consumed in powder form as a dietary supplement. The hope is that the poison and the dye that advertises its presence will make consumers shun the horn thus treated. The treated horn will become nearly worthless, and the animal isn’t harmed.

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