1 Aug

Hüüt hemmr d’ erst August, ond zur Fiir des Tags hemr es neus Chläberli uf d’ Räddli:


Sunburned Houseplant

Our houseplant was looking a little droopy and depressed so I brought it outside for a little extra sunshine. Instead of a greening, parts of each leaf turned black:Sunburned Houseplant

Propagating lemon grass from side shoots

Our lemon grass plant isn’t getting enough sun where it is so I decided to try to split it up and move some of its babies to sunnier parts of the yard. This was the original plant, after I already ripped off about a third of it on the left part:grass-1

I think this is rooted too shallow. It’s kind of falling over and has a lot of young-looking roots. The clumps come apart easily. After the photo above I pulled off the clump on the right side. Here it is after separating it: Continue reading “Propagating lemon grass from side shoots”

Sage, do you even IPV6?

IPV6While installing Sage 50 Accounting, a $450-per-seat finance software developed by one of the world’s largest enterprise software vendors, I couldn’t believe my eyes when it threw this warning that it is incompatible with IPV6:



What a disgrace. I guess I should be grateful that it knows euros?

Sub-Saharan Parts Washer

Sometimes the necessary is necessary. We’d all love to have OSHA-approved, explosion-proof, self-filtering stainless steel parts washers. The rest of time we use half of a plastic jerry can with a liter of kerosene.

oily as hell
oily as hell

Hatari Umeme

I’m not so sure about this electrical connection in the meter box at my new house:

hatari umeme
hatari umeme