Propagating lemon grass from side shoots

Our lemon grass plant isn’t getting enough sun where it is so I decided to try to split it up and move some of its babies to sunnier parts of the yard. This was the original plant, after I already ripped off about a third of it on the left part:grass-1

I think this is rooted too shallow. It’s kind of falling over and has a lot of young-looking roots. The clumps come apart easily. After the photo above I pulled off the clump on the right side. Here it is after separating it:

grass-2I think this is actually two separate shoots but I planted them together in their new sunny spot. As you can see the soil here is very clayey:


There’s no guarantee, but I think this is going to work. If it does, lemon grass is by far the easiest non-succulant plant that I’ve ever tried to propagate vegetatively.

Yes, I’m aware the color in these photos is tweaked out.