Phone Charger on the Bike

I got tired of my phone always being dead when I commuted on the bike so I decided it was time to install a charging solution. I had installed a pigtail for charging/maintaining the bike’s battery so I decided to use the same connection.


The cluster of plugs in the photo is tucked under the seat where it stays nice and dry. The SAE to cigarette lighter adapter, which came in a kit from Harbor Freight, runs down to the externally mounted Battery Tender SAE plug. That allows it to be disconnected easily for extended parking. The USB cable is routed up under the tank to the handlebars where I’ve mounted the same RAM mount that I use in the truck (see this post) on the clutch lever perch. The most frustrating part of this installation was that it was was so simple to do, I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to do it.

Update: the cheap ATT-branded USB to Micro USB cable failed after the first rain. At least the adapter still works.